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What We Do

Ara- Vali is a program that was created to support Tamil people with refugee status according to the UNHCR. These refugees are located in non-Signatory UN refugee convention countries including Thailand, Indonesia, India, Est Guinea, etc. Within this population of refugees, most have gained their conventional refugee status however they are unable to access a visa, any sort of education for their children and/or a stable income. Through Ara-Vali, we wish to aid these refugees in all aspects to strengthen their well being.


Financial Assistance

At Ara-Vali, we provide refugees and those applying for refugee status with financial assistance for their various needs including private education for children. We also provide financial assistance for basic needs including food, clothing and shelter. We provide assistance for those who are sick so they may access medical treatment. Management at Valluvam has created a strict protocol to review the monthly income of individuals. If we are aware that there are no other alternatives for such individuals to receive assistance, Valluvam will assist and ensure a sustainable income.


GED Education for Young Adult Students

We are aware that there are many refugee parents living with their adult children. Unfortunately, they were unable to receive education prior to arriving in these non-signatory countries. Valluvam has arranged for individual teachers to provide an education revolving around all GED subjects online. This program is completely free of charge. Our educators are instructed to also work as mentors for these students and the families of these students. They assist students with guidance in writing formal letters and documents. We believe this provides relief in a student's day to day life

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Spiritual Support Group

We believe spirituality gives guidance in a moral life. Ara-Vali helps family by hosting yoga and meditation practices along with discussions of the Thirukurral.


We host online yoga seminars to connect refugees around the world who can then practice yoga together

Meditation and Breathing Exercise

We host online meditation and breathing seminars to connect refugees around the world who can then participate in these practices together.

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Thirukural Discussion

Ara-Vali wishes to ensure that our families use the Thirukural as a form of guidance. We incorporate the thirukural in various ways through our mediation and discussion practices.

Consultation in Settlement Issues

Refugees and refugee claimants can approach Ara-Vali if they require our assistance. We provide settlement counselling where our staff review situations and provide information regarding the settlement. We also connect individuals with outside resources such as legal advisors to follow up with certain issues. In certain situations, if a case is rejected by the UNHCR, Ara-Vali will consider to assist individuals with any legal fees, interpretations, and finding lawyers

Medical Consultation

Refugees located in non-signatory countries may have language barriers as well as challenges within the country's system. They also do not receive any sort of funding from the UNHCR and/or any other NGOs. Ara-Vali arranges Tamil speaking medical doctors who may provide phone consultations to their possible extent. For any reason, if financial assistance is required for medication/travelling to hospitals, Ara-vali will provide the necessary assistance

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Sinthanai Seyi Manamay-A Community Building Session for Displaced Refugees

Regular Support Groups for Community Building

We connect individuals and their families on a weekly basis through online meetings. The purpose of this is to build a community. In these sessions, individuals have discussions revolving around the Thirukural, meditation and social issues connected with their homeland and their day-to-day lives.

Kalvi Kan - Education for Young Children

Ara-Vali organizes education for small groups of children. These children had not had the opportunity to be schooled regularly because they do not have a visa in their non-signatory country. In this schooling, students are guided by educators who follow the Oxford curriculum. They will have regular evaluations and examinations which ensure their overall academic improvement.

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Mentors for Single Mothers

We connect single mothers with the appropriate resources to ensure their healthy well-being. For example, we help them find jobs to earn money and we connect them with other single mothers so that they can share their experiences with one another.

Women Empowerment Group

We provide regular group sessions that enable mothers to gain more autonomy and self-determination. We help women build connections with one another through group activities. For example, women join together to plan events and special occasions such as their daughter's Saree Ceremony. They also work together to earn money through small contributions to fund such events. We also host discussions on topics such as running a business, women's rights, self-esteem, and self-confidence. We provide them with information and guide them through discussions surrounding the empowerment of women.


Legal Services for Refugee Detainees

We connect refugees with legal consultants who may provide legal support for detainees whose refugee cases may have been rejected by the UNHCR. We find local agencies who are capable of doing community sponsorships for UNHCR refugees. We also provide translations of their case reports.

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